The pursuit of excellence

The semester started smoothly and we are fully geared up for our strategic goals. In terms of the fundamental needs of the institution amid various challenges, we must focus on distinguishing Pace for its value by enhancing its academic rigor and improving its scholarly reputation including international recognition. While the work of our teams has covered a wide range of fronts, we aim at strategically re-positioning Pace for academic distinction by taking immediate steps toward longer-term goals. Developing faculty leadership and forging an alliance for academic excellence are two major strategies to sustain outstanding teaching with the use of technology and the development of learning resources in support of student success, effect change toward a culture of scholarship and an institution of prestige, and enhance community building embracing diversity and academic freedom. Based on the feedback from a pilot group meeting last semester, I am convening a larger University-wide forum on improving graduate education at Pace. A brainstorming meeting on faculty development focusing on research and scholarship has also been conducted with useful input from a number of offices and participants. The faculty interest group on aging research is now evolving into a Consortium for Interdisciplinary Aging Study and Service, designated as a pilot project for test use of the Faculty Academic Commons and exploration of a model for faculty development. Our Office of Planning, Assessment and Institutional Research is short-handed but trying its best in reporting, survey coordinating, and benchmarking for quality assurance. Our CTLT/Phorzheimer Center for Faculty Development is initiating a new Faculty Research Forum, and our Library is actively promoting eScholarship (use of Digital Commons) and revitalizing its Book Talk series. Personally, I am launching two book series, co-editing two journal issues, and will hold a book talk on diversity management on Wed. Oct. 12 at noon in the Mortola Library to “cast a brick to attract jade.” Hope to see you there and best wishes for another successful academic year!

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