Test run of blog

I’m glad Drupal will roll out soon as our new CMS since I’ve been waiting to get various websites including my blog fixed. The beginning of the new semester is exciting (despite the heavy snow) since our development team has also come up with a draft template for the Pace Academic Commons (originally I called it Scholars’ Commons). Starting teaching Monday evening put me in direct contact with students in the classroom and online again (I’m teaching a hybrid course on Organizational Theory & Management at the Graduate Center this semester). It’s equally refreshing to attend today’s new faculty lunch meeting organized by CTLT to listen to their initial experiences at Pace including gratification, concerns, and aspirations. I’m sure this will be another productive semester, and I’ll use this blog to share some of the excitements and my own thoughts as we forge ahead with our strategic goals. Stay tuned! (BTW, Chinese New Year is next Thursday and I invite you to enjoy this Chinese New Year song).

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